Saturday, 24 September 2011

Breaking the Cycle

Many acne sufferers today have the same problem as sufferers have been complaining about for years. The complaint is something along the lines of “I can get my acne to clear up for weeks at a time, but it just keeps coming back, and I have to spend more money on treating it.”. There is no big surprise in this, because the majority of acne treatments do very little to tackle the causes of the problem, concentrating instead on dealing with the symptoms. It is the equivalent of putting sticking plasters on a cut, and when the plaster is removed running a razor blade over the area. The problem will not go away, it will only clear up temporarily.

What many acne sufferers find is that they are locked into a cycle of constantly treating the same symptoms until there is outwardly nothing left to treat. They may well continue to observe a strict cleansing regime, and this will have some effect. However, as acne vulgaris is caused by problems which occur internally, the inevitable end result is that the external symptoms will eventually return. The cycle begins again and the sufferer is no further forward. Frustration adds to the existing problems of low self-esteem and social anxiety. This is clearly not a desirable state of affairs.

Instead of allowing the problems to continually reoccur, it is important that acne sufferers look at what is causing the problems in the first place. What is taking place on the skin is nothing more than a side show. Dealing with the internal causes over a period of time that may be longer than a few weeks, you can finally put the stranglehold on the symptoms that ensures they will not return.

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