Friday, 25 November 2011

Tips to Prevent Acne

Acne affects people at any age. It is a skin condition that is not usually associated with any serious health conditions. It can appear at any age; it even affects newborns and infants. It is not strange to read a report by the National Institute of Health that about 85% adolescents or people between ages 12 and 24 get affected by acne. Acne is developed due to both internal and external reasons. Many times, if we take some precautions, we can fight acne breakouts.

To prevent acne from developing, or to prevent it from getting worse, we should not pick, squeeze or pop acne. Squeezing acne can end up in infection and scarring. The condition can become worse. As other precaution, we should keep the towel and pillow covers clean and wash frequently. These are the places which harbor bacteria and germs that help acne to get worse. We should avoid the hair from falling on the skin while we sleep. Sweat is another threat and we should avoid sweat to remain long on the skin. This we can do by taking shower soon after our daily workout. When sweat combines with skin oil, bacteria and dirt can get trapped in the pores.

As more precautions, we should never sleep without freeing first with the makeup. Sleeping with makeup on can clog the pores, which leads to acne breakouts. We should also be careful while using cosmetic brushes and not only we have to keep them clean by using soap water, we should also keep changing them frequently. Moreover, when we suspect acne is going to form or when we have to prevent acne from developing, we should use some safe over the counter cream.

It is known that acne can be caused by both internal and external factors. Addressing it externally may not produce the desired results. Moreover, if we want to stop acne from developing or from getting worse, we should pay more attention on the internal causes. Stress and hormonal imbalance are considered the factors that trigger acne development. If we really want to avoid acne and want to get success from our efforts, we have to control the triggers too. Taking efforts to control the hormone levels and avoiding constant stressful living conditions can help the matter a lot.

If we take some simple steps we can control the acne problem to a great extent. Moreover, if we try to control acne formation by addressing the internal causes, the results will be much better.

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