Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Types Of Acne - Do You Know What Type Of Acne Is Yours?

It is very important for you to understand which acne type you have in order to treat it correctly. Not knowing exactly which types of acne you have can lead you down the wrong path in order to worsen your condition. There are many types of acne that people have. So let's find out which type you suffer from.

Acne vulgaris is a moderate to a mild to type of acne and actually is very common among people from their teenage years to their adulthood. With this type of acne you'll notice inflamed heads which are pustules. The white heads you see on our face are a result of complete pore blockage and the blackheads, you see, are partial pore blockage. The types of acne that seems inflamed that have no head are called papules.

The next type of acne is a little more severe. This type of acne is called acne vulgaris, which is similar to the previous paragraph, however, these form in cysts and nodules. Cysts are not fun because they are worse than nodules. These are nodules filled with pus and are prone to leave scarring. Nodules on the other hand are the same as cysts but are very painful and take a few weeks to heal.

Acne Mechanica is another type of acne that is caused by rubbing of tight clothing such as clothing worn by athletes. You will typically find it underneath helmets and chin straps. This type of acne forms only from sweating and heat from the outside can contribute to this type of acne. So summertime makes it worse. By preventing this from happening, what you do is by wearing clean clothes that are made of cotton or something that keeps the moisture off the skin.

Even infants get acne. How is that you're thinking? Well, newborns have overactive sebaceous glands that produce too much oil and become blocked. This doesn't happen to a lot of newborn babies; but it does happen.

As we know adults get acne as well. It is very difficult to imagine because we think that we outgrow it after our teenage years. It is embarrassing enough in our teenage years, but having it carry out into our adult life can be detrimental to. There are many reasons why we have acne as adults and part of it is because of hormones and another factor may be stress.

As we become familiar with these types of acne then we will understand how we can treat it more properly.

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