Sunday, 1 January 2012

Blue Light Acne Treatment And Its Benefits

Since acne is such a widespread problem, researchers have come up with a number of different treatment methods. All of these methods promise that a person will be able to cure his or her acne quickly. One of these treatments have been introduced by a dermatologist that promises to clear acne and scars cosmetically.

Blue light acne treatment is one of the newest acne treatments available. This treatment is also referred to as photodynamic treatment. This procedure requires that a person lie down for 15-30 minutes per week for a period of three to eight weeks. The treatment time may be longer or shorter and all depends on the severity of the patient's acne. This procedure involves using a blue light wavelength to destroy the bacteria that causes acne.

A patient may also apply a levulan balm along with this procedure. Levulan causes the skin to crust and turn pink, but it also helps reduce acne and scars. Although the use of this procedure is relatively new in the world of dermatology, it has been around since the 1970s.

What are some of the advantages of this type of therapy?

The long-term side effects are still unknown, but some positive effects of this procedure have been identified. Below are some of those effects:

1.) This treatment clinic is perfect for those who have had experienced adverse effects from other acne treatments. For example, antibiotics are a commonly prescribed acne treatment. Antibiotics can cause the body to resist other types of antibiotics. This increases the chance of developing other side effects. Accutane - Another one of the most commonly prescribed acne medications. This medication has serious side effects including depression, suicidal tendencies and birth defects.

2.) This is a great alternative if you forget to apply your cream or take your medication.

3.) Blue light therapy is great for people who have not gotten the best results from other types of acne treatments. Those patients who have become resistants to topical creams or antibiotics now have another option for treating their acne.

Another advantage is that there have now been blue light treatment kits available for use in the homes. These kits are affordable, but experts do not want whether these kits are as effective as the ones that are used in clinical settings.

This procedure is just one of the many acne treatments available. However, you should consider trying natural cures first. Generally speaking, natural is better. This will prevent you from wasting your time and help you save money in the long run.

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