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Avoid These and Banish Acne Forever!

Acne, we have been conditioned to believe, can only be effectively treated by the latest skin preparation to hit the pharmacy shelves. We are seduced by the images of an attractive teenage girl- getting rid of an unsightly pimple in time for her date that evening. We have all fallen for this type of advertising only to find that our outbreaks soon return. Return they will because the latest topical preparation that is being hyped on television and in magazines only treats the symptoms of our acne, not the cause. If we want to banish acne forever, we have to avoid some things.

Your body is sending you a message

Your acne outbreaks are a signal from your body telling you that there is something wrong. Something you need to fix. The problem is that we see the surface manifestation and think that is the problem. We are encouraged in this belief by the pharmaceutical companies that make a bewildering range of lotions, potions and pills to cure our skin problem. Most of us are unaware that we are looking for the problem in the wrong place. The root cause of our acne is deep within us where none of the topical treatments can reach. That is where we have to treat it.

The root cause of our acne

The root cause of our outbreaks is a hormonal imbalance which causes a build-up of toxins within our bodies. We eliminate these toxins in several ways, some ways are obvious, but did you know we also eliminate toxins through our skin? One effect of the hormonal imbalance is that we develop an excess of oils in our skin. If our pores become blocked, the excess oil can cause an acne outbreak.

Teenagers have a particularly torrid time with acne as their hormones are all over the place for a few years, but it our diet that is the chief culprit of the hormonal imbalance and therefore of the build of toxins.

We become what we eat

We shall not turn into a burger, fries and fizzy drink. However, this type of food, so popular with teenagers and young people, is high in processed fats, salt, sugar and refined carbohydrates. Much of our modern convenience diet is highly processed containing added salt and sugar. The leading brand of corn flakes contains added salt and sugar. While sweetened carbonated drinks are a major contributing factor to the build-up of toxins, milk - the "healthy" alternative is as bad, but in a different way.

Milk is the ideal food for a growing calf. It has all the nutrients and hormones a calf need to thrive. We are not bovines. Our bodies, particularly during our teenage years, can have difficulty digesting this food. The result is a further imbalance of hormones causing still more toxins.

Treating the root cause of our acne

This requires us to do two things:

1. Deal with the causes of the hormonal imbalance; and

2. Assist our bodies to eliminate the toxins other than through our skin.

This calls for a lifestyle change. The main thing we need to change is our diet. We need to be eating a balanced healthy diet. That is a diet that is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, lean white meat, oily and white fish.

Our diet should contain:

five potions of fruit and vegetables each day, at least one of which should be a green vegetablea variety of nuts and seedslean white meata portion of oily fish and a portion of white fish each weekwe should also drink plenty of water each day.

There is nothing wrong in having a burger and fries occasionally as a treat. Nor is there much wrong with having milk in your coffee or tea and on your breakfast cereal - but that should be the limit of your milk consumption.

If you stick to a healthy diet you will soon see a dramatic improvement to your complexion. Avoid junk food and excessive milk consumption if you are serious about banishing your acne forever.

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