Tuesday, 14 February 2012

An Earth Shattering Home Remedy To Cure Your Acne! This Is A Must Read

Having acne all over your face can really be embarrassing for anyone. It's not just teenagers who feel embarrassed. All of us fear rejection from others. That's why we have a desire to make you look as attractive as possible. We have a fear for being considered unattractive and want to avoid it like a plaque.

So if you feel that your acne makes you feel unattractive, don't despair. It's natural for you to feel that way. There's something called the halo effect which says that people tend to preconceive opinions about others by their external appearance. It's in the natural hardwiring of humans. Don't worry that you are doomed to rejection in life.

Your appearance isn't something that you don't control. It's 100% in your control. Can you remember a time when you had clear and flawless skin? If you had it once, you can have it now. It's possible if you are willing to do the things necessary to get that clear and flawless skin.

Here's an earth shattering home remedy that will cure your acne...

This home remedy consists of the green gram flour facial mask. Green gram flour is the key ingredient for clear, flawless and beautiful skin. It's been used by women in the Middle East and India since ages to make themselves look more attractive. So if you want to look more beautiful, you need to use green gram flour.

There's also another ingredient that's required. The other ingredient consists of a fruit/vegetable. There are various kinds of fruits and vegetables you can add. Some fruits may work for you whereas some fruits may not work for you. The only way to find out is by testing because each of our skin type is different. Some fruits/vegetables you can choose from are apples, cucumber, orange, lemon, etc.

Here's how to create the green gram flour facial mask (In this example, I'm going to use orange)...

1. Peel the orange and blend the peels along with a 1/4 cup of water.

2. Add a few drops of honey and milk to the blended mixture and blend it again.

3. The blended mixture will now be a paste.

4. Add green gram flour to it and add some more milk.

5. Mix it until it forms a thick and wet paste.

6. Wash your face thoroughly and apply the paste on all the affected areas

7. Allow it to dry for 45-60 minutes.

8. Cleanse your face with pure water.

Your skin will feel better. Your acne wouldn't have gone away immediately. But it might vanish the next morning you wake up. If that doesn't happen, apply the paste for a week and see. Regardless of the result, apply the paste for a week before you give up. This method works. But the speed at which it works depends on the intensity of your acne and your skin type.

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