Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Control Acne Breakout Following These Tips

Acne is maybe the very worst thing that can happen to a teenager. Ugly zits and pimples not just affect their confidence levels, but take a toll on their social lives too. This article comes to the salvation of acne stricken teenagers. Here are some of the finest tips that will help you fight acne.

Never touch or tamper your blemish. While the temptation to do so perhaps great, acting on the urge could lead to a unsightly scar on your skin. It is much more provident to just leave it be and let it heal itself. Also, it is best to wash off all makeup before retiring to bed. Leaving makeup on while sleeping could cause your skin to breakout in pimples by morning. Washing your face before bedtime is a neat way of removing the mud and chemicals that unavoidably reach and adhere to your skin during the day too.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from harsh acne that does not respond to standard cures; visit a skin specialist today. Most qualified skin experts suggest Accutane. It is a potent drug that will help detox the skin when everything else has failed. However, it comes with a number of side-effects and therefore must only be looked on as the last line of treatment.

For minor zits think about employing benzoyl perozide. You can mostly obtain this product over the counter, and it is available in both a cream and gel form. Put a touch on each of your pimples and give it a small amount of time begin killing the bacteria on your skin. It can take a couple of weeks to begin working. When you purchase a product over the counter make sure you get a complete acne treatment system. It will offer you a face wash, acne cream and lotion all together.

With OTC treatment, you should try home remedies to help cope with the issue. The applying of tea tree oil is especially recommended as an effective home treatment. It is superb for your skin so helping by fighting off bacteria and stopping acne.

A great home remedy for getting rid of acne is created with the help of honey. Just take honey and some cinnamon and mix them together. Now apply the paste to the face and let it sit for roughly 5-10 minutes. Wash the face and spot the difference. This pack will cause the skin to appear smoother and also rid your face of any extra oil and waste substances. Use these tips and you'll soon learn to say goodbye to acne.

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