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The Top Three Acne Prevention Tips


Why are people looking for top acne tips to prevent acne breakouts? Well close to 50 million people have acne in the United States with most of them being teenagers going through puberty.

Doctors do know that acne breakouts are caused by the body's skin secreting excess amounts of sebum (oil). But what causes this excess secretion is not fully understood, but it is believed to be caused by an imbalance in the body's hormones.

So how does acne develop and what are some tips for preventing and stopping acne?

Acne Formation

There are three things that are needed to form acne: sebum, dead skin and bacteria. When the skin starts to secrete excess amounts of sebum, the sebum clumps together the dead skin that is on the surface of your skin.

These clumps of dead skin then block the skins pores trapping bacteria inside the pores. The bacteria then start to grow which is then attacked by the body's immune system causing inflammation, acne.

So how do you stop the formation of acne?

Keep Your Face Clean

One of the most important things to do is to keep your face clean. This means cleansing your skin twice a day with a good face cleanser, once in the morning and once at night. Make sure this cleanser matches your body type and do not use regular bar soap, it will just dry your skin out.

This cleansing routine will remove excess sebum, bacteria and some dead skin.

As part of your cleansing routine, ensure you exfoliate your face once or twice a week to remove most of the dead skin off your face.

After you cleanse your face, try to keep your hands off your face. Touching your face will re-introduce dirt and oil to your face aggravating the development of acne.


This product works internally and externally. The external wipes help to remove bacteria and dead skin. The internal aspect helps the body to stabilize your hormones helping to minimize sebum.


Throw out the old wives tale about chocolate and greasy foods causing acne. There is no proof to this concept. But, eating a fat free diet and one that is high in green leafy vegetables, and low in processed foods, will help to minimize any acne breakouts.

Plus eliminate saturated fats and use unsaturated fats in your cooking.

By changing your diet to one that free of saturated fats and processed foods, you will reduce the amount of inflammation on your face.


Of these three tips, the first one in keeping your face clean is the one to use for maximum benefits in preventing and stopping acne.

Jimmy C has been studying skin care for many years because of his skin problems in his youth and he is the Editor in Chief of a number of skin care web sites. Being a victim of acne in his younger days, he has researched this subject to help people prevent and stop acne. He has also studied many aspects of caring for the bodies skin and keeping it youthful and free of irritants.

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