Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Truth About the Link Between Acne and Chocolate

Many people who experience acne learn about the many myths out there that say there is a relationship between acne and your diet. One of the most popular myths is the relationship between acne (pimples) and chocolate. Lets explore this myth to determine if it is true or not.

The Myth

Remember when your parents would tell you as a teenager that eating chocolate would give you pimples. So you would sneak some into your diet without your parents knowing about it and then when a pimple develops, your parents would wonder how you got it, unless you were eating chocolate.

So think about this for a minute, you have been eating chocolate all your life, and then when you hit your teen years, you learn you can develop acne from this treat.

What changed?

Debunking The Myth

One of the big changes all teenagers go through is puberty. This creates tremendous hormone imbalances in the teen's body. So how does hormone and chocolate combine together to create acne in teens?

It doesn't!

Of the over 50 million people suffering from acne, most are teenagers going through puberty. Researchers have determined that a hormone imbalance in your body is what triggers acne. This acne becomes visible when you have a hormone imbalance, with or without chocolate. In fact, chocolate has been found to actually aid in stopping or preventing acne.

Research has shown that when a person consumes chocolate, the body will secrete serotonin. Serotonin has been found to give the body a sense of well-being or happiness. Since acne has been found to be stress related, such as when you go through puberty, this calming effect brought on by eating chocolate will reduce stress, therefore reducing acne.

Acne And Foods

Lets go one step further, you have probably been told that not only chocolate will cause acne, but the consumption of greasy foods will also cause you to develop acne as a teenager. Fact is, there has been no link between the consumption of any food and the development of acne. If you do develop acne after consumption of certain foods, it is more likely an allergic reaction than an actual breakout of acne.


Researchers have found that there is no link between the consumption of chocolate and the breakout of acne. In fact, if eaten in moderation, chocolate may even help prevent the development of acne. So eat chocolate, but only in moderation, and do not worry about your chocolate causing acne.

Jimmy C has been studying skin care for many years because of his skin problems in his youth and he is the Editor in Chief of a number of skin care web sites. Being a victim of acne in his younger days, he has researched this subject to help people prevent and stop acne. He has also studied many aspects of caring for the bodies skin and keeping it youthful and free of irritants.

For more information on caring for acne or other facial blemishes and keeping your youthful appearance go to his web sites at http://www.skinguidelines.com/p/causes-and-cures-for-acne.html or http://www.squidoo.com/cause-and-cures-of-acne.

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