Saturday, 17 December 2011

What Do I Know About Acne Home Remedies?

Let's talk about one of the topics that people are constantly searching for: "acne home remedies". Acne has become a huge problem, and that's why we need to know how to treat it and also how to make sure that it won't appear again.

Before you take any actions, please contact your local dermatologist. In most cases, acne can be treated at home, but what if you suffer from a very dangerous form of this skin disease? Don't be negligent with your own body - your health is what should matter the most.

Here is a list of tips that can help you to cure your acne:

1) Be on a good diet - good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body. Being on the right diet ensures that you receive the necessary minerals and vitamins. For example, did you know that garlic and onions contain sulphur - a chemical element that is very helpful against acne? Also, there are some supplements like vitamin C, A- and b-complex vitamins are important for the growth and strength of your epidermis; vitamin E is great to protect your skin from damage.

Here is what most people don't know: water is one of the best methods to prevent acne from appearing on your skin. It flushes out toxins, hydrates the skin and helps against allergens.

2) Cosmetics - if you are a lady, I understand how important it is for you to put make up on. Here is something you really need to know: avoid oily cosmetics, because it creates the perfect environment for acne bacteria.

3) Keep your hands away from your pimples - I know sometimes it is hard to resist the urge to squeeze and pick on your pimples, but that is a common "rookie" mistake. If you start playing around with your acne, it can lead to infection which can later manifest itself as a huge scar. I know that you want to get rid of it right away, but just give it time.

4) Homemade remedies - If your doctor agreed to give you green light to treat acne yourself, you can apply these ingredients on the affected area:

a) Ginger and milk

b) Vinegar and salt

c) Cinnamon and lemon juice

d) Vinegar and Turmeric

5) Try to avoid stressful situations - I know that this is a naïve thing to say, considering the economy we are living in. All I'm asking is to do everything to avoid stress, because it also can lead to acne.

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