Friday, 30 December 2011

How to Stop Getting Pimples

Although I never have been a severe acne sufferer, it still absolutely annoyed me when I looked in the mirror and saw horrible, unattractive white head pimples on my forehead and cheeks.

It seemed strange that, when I did focus on cleaning my face more, I would still get new pimples appearing out of nowhere! After a little research, I learned that cleaning your face too much can actually encourage pimples.

You see, when you clean your face, you are always going to be leaving new dead skin cells behind, and it's these dead skin cells that can actually bond to the sebum that is naturally on your skin, causing new blockages in your skin pores.

So, what's the solution, stop cleaning your face? No, of course not. You must clean your face, otherwise sweat and dirt will build up and cause blockages again. Just don't go overboard and clean your face three times a day with harsh soaps! I personally now only wash my face once a day with a gentle facial cleanser.

I'm also careful to keep pillow cases and bedding sheets clean. This may sound obvious, but I bet there's a handful of acne sufferers who don't even think about this.

Of course, severe acne sufferers, may not benefit at all following the simple tips I have mentioned here, but that doesn't mean you have to go see your doctor and spend a fortune on unnecessary antibiotics. Your diet (as has been recently proven) can play a huge role in preventing acne. It is true that diet alone does not directly cause acne, but it's the side effects caused from eating certain foods, that can encourage or discourage pimple development.

Many have argued that sweet foods like chocolate do not cause acne problems at all. This is not true, diet does matter, and new research has proven this. While a lot of people can eat whatever they like and never have to worry about waking up to new pimples, others are not quite so lucky. This is mainly due to genetics and the fact that some of us have a weaker than normal liver function.

Let's not forget about water. If you're an acne sufferer, ask yourself how much water your drinking or not drinking each day. Chances are, you're simply not drinking enough! Water is vital to help flush out impurities from your system, these impurities can remain on your face when you sweat, causing new, unwelcome acne!

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