Sunday, 18 December 2011

Why Adult Acne Can Be Devastating?

There are many different types of acne, but perhaps the most distressing kind is that experienced by adults. This can often be the fault of a poor diet, or perhaps someone not cleaning their face often enough, but many times there may be other reasons that people do not really understand, and in fact it can be a number of causes together resulting in the acne flourishing on the face. No matter what it is caused by, the range of acne treatments available for adult acne needs to be considered alongside the causes.

Diet gets blamed for a lot of ailments that adults suffer, and they are sometimes not without cause. For example, the large amount of sugar in a person's diet can often trigger hormones in the body that cause pimples to appear. These blotches can be on the face, or sometimes on the back, and should not be mistaken for cysts, which are something different. In order to prevent adult pimples, the best acne treatment is simply to eat less sugar and fats in the diet, and try eating fruits and vegetables instead. Within a few weeks of a change of diet, the acne should have disappeared.

However, sometimes diets can cause acne for a different reason. Many people suffer from food allergies or intolerances without even knowing it. You may not be eating unhealthily, but your body is still reacting to what you have eaten. People with a gluten intolerance, Celiac (or Coeliac) disease, can suffer outbreaks on their skin which can look like acne. Unfortunately for those with allergies, the best acne treatment, the only treatment, is to avoid foods containing the products that are causing the outbreak, and use a little anti-pimple cream to get rid of the remaining acne.

Sometimes people have acne due to other reasons, and these can mean that the acne treatments being offered have to reflect this. Sometimes the simplest cause is that people just don't wash their hands after touching areas containing germs. This passes the bacteria to the face through everyday touching. The best acne treatment for this is probably to try and keep the face clean, although that might not be successful.

Other people suffer from hormonal problems which cause acne. Pre-menstrual women will sometimes break out in pimples, but don't need acne treatments, just a change in the hormones later in the month. People may also suffer from stress which releases hormones into the blood stream which can cause acne. Here, the best solution is to try and relax more, and treat the pimples as they appear.

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  1. because some adults have very slow regeneration and some of it is resulting in scar and leaving dark spots .

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