Friday, 16 December 2011

The Ten Foods You Should Never Eat

Many people suffer from pimples because they take in the wrong foods. Below are the foods you should avoid if acne has become a problem for you. These foods will cause acne, and amplify the problem for those that already have acne. These foods will urge you to go out and buy conventional acne treatments, that are expensive and usually ineffective!

Dairy Products: It might sound weird that dairy products can worsen pimples as we simply know that these are good for health. But the reason is that these dairy products like condensed milk, cheese, yogurt, cake, ice cream, and many other milk-contained foods are the kind of food that is hard for digestion.

Caffeinated Items: Caffeine from tea, coffee, soda, or any caffeinated refreshment can stimulate the growth of yeast and these products can cause toxins in the body.

Chocolate/Sweets: The appeal of chocolate is pretty obvious. Because of chocolate's large amount of sugar, it can disturb the natural oil that keeps your skin healthy. Most study's do show a very high correlation between sugar intake, and acne outbreaks.

Alcohol: As alcohol gets metabolized, the chemicals it contains can get secreted through the skin. When these chemicals interact with tissues of the epidermis, blockages in the pours can result, which can quickly turn into acne.

Animal Fats: Fat will make blood sugar levels vary a lot. This varying of the blood sugar level leads to acne over a period of time. Things like bacon, steak and other animal products that contain a lot of fat can cause various skin problems including acne.

Tobacco: Smoking has many detriments to a person health. When smoke is inhaled, small amount are being pulled into your pours. If the pours are not cleaned out for a period of time, complexion will suffer the consequence.

Rice: Rice is a heavy starch and when the body break these starches down they are reduced to complex sugars. As we mentioned above, high amounts of sugar will cause your blood sugar levels will fluctuate, and blackheads will transform into acne.

Butter or Margarine: Be careful what you buy! Sometime butter companies will add vegetable oil to their organic butter (organic butter being healthy) to get a higher amount of butter to sell you. This oil can cause oily skin which in turn leads to acne.

Sugar substitutes: These sweeteners are chemically enhanced to give you that sweet taste, without the calories. One of these chemicals in particular, Aspartame, has been shown to lead to Acne. This is the same reason Soda has made this list.

Sodas: Diet soda contains the artificial sweeteners discussed above. Regular soda is a culprit as well however. These sodas all contain processed sugar, which has no health benefit to the body like organic sugar in small amounts does. This processed sugar leads to all kinds of skin related problems, including acne.

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