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Revealed - The Best Acne Treatment of 2011

You want the easy road?

It is pretty clear to me that most if not all people who are suffering from acne, seem to always be looking for that quick and easy fix for their acne problem. Most who are trying to get rid of their acne problem have exhausted their options from going to the doctor, to trying expensive pharmaceutical products, to buying infomercial sponsored skin care products that promise them the world.

In many cases, the methods I described above may actually be the best acne treatment for certain individuals. However, it is a sad reality that most of the time; they do not result in a permanent fix. The reason for this is simple; they only get rid of the symptoms and none of them deal with the root cause. A lot of products that have claims of acne elimination actually do succeed to some extent. However, you should always keep in mind that these products often use harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals that can cause even more problems.

For example, let's say you're in great pain, and you go to a doctor who then gives you pain pills. You may feel relief from your pain temporarily. However, what will happen when that pain medicine wears off? The pain will come back! And that's because the root cause was not addressed. The pain pills only addressed the symptoms which in this case was pain.

So what is the reason you get acne?

Could it be that your genes are bad? Not necessarily. Could it be that your skin is horrible? No that's not it either.So it must be because you have bad luck right? Nope!

Give up? Acne happens because our skin, which just happens to be the largest organ in the body, works together with the liver to get rid of toxins that get built up in the body. The primary job of your liver is actually to break down toxins.

When the liver cannot handle the amount of toxins that you are putting in your body, your skin comes to the rescue to help remove toxins. These toxins appear as little pimples at the surface of your skin. So if your body does not produce more toxins than your liver can handle than acne will not become a problem. Pretty simple right?

With that said, it becomes clear that acne is actually just a warning that something else going wrong with our bodies and the best acne treatment may be a more holistic approach.

While there are many ways that our bodies can accumulate too many toxins, our diet is one of the main sources that can overload our body with toxins. However, there is good news as you can detoxify your body so that the liver is able to deal with the toxins by itself. And the end result is no acne.

Of course it's also important to keep good care of your skin so that you can clear infections and get rid of the bad bacteria that are on your skin. Drinking lots of water is good to detoxify your body gently. And don't wash your face more than twice a day, washing too often will strip your skin of its essential oils, thus making your skin dry. This in turn will cause your skin to produce an excessive amount of oil which can then lead to you having even more pimples.

One of the fastest ways you can get rid of acne is to clear all the toxins from our bodies. When you detoxify your body well you will be able to see results within just a few days.

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